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Features Overview

Some of the features that will take your breath

A simple and accessible interface

The application allows you to view videos directly from your tablet smartphone or computer connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G

Follow all your shootings

With a simple sorting by days of shooting, and with the search tool allowing you to find by sequence, reel number or film set name, you don't lose a sight of any part of your movie

Security first

Our interface only gives you access to viewing, you won't be able to download the sequences. Thanks to this, we reduce to the maximum the risks of seeing your shootings on the Web.

The perfect tool on the set

The scripts love it ! Need to check for a costume fitting, or to ensure the good choice of the camera target to the next shot ? With our platform and its responsiveness you have access to your rushes every time you want.

HD Streaming

From movie recording format, streaming will be broadcast in HD at a minimum. We also adapt our the streaming rate to your connection speed, we put the priority on the linear reading speed without waiting for buffering.

Know everyting about your rushes

For each sequence you will have access to online information that will comment on all the defects noticed on your pictures. Do not compound your problems, with Zebra stop using a defective camera from the next morning !

Looks beautiful on all displays.

Chrome iPad

Available on all Major Platforms.

Our technology only needs a simple web browser

To use the Zebra Filming platform, you need a simple web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer/Edge !

Our clients talk about Zebra Filming

Avis clients

My producer told me that the Zebra platform was really good and it was very nice to watch the footage in these conditions.
I also had one of the directors who wanted to watch the dnx36, but finally looked only on the platform as he finds it very well.

Avis clients

Hi Christophe, I think everyone was delighted with the platform. If I understand correctly, the producers loved watching the rushes of the series on Zebra Tournage.

Avis clients

Thanks you Christophe it was a pleasure to have you with me in this adventure and we are really grateful for this high quality of service provided.
Thanks to your intervention we have been able to save the sequence and avoid a very expensive option retake


Want more infos ?

If you still have questions, feel free to explore our Zebra Filming platform during a free trial.