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Who are we?laboratoire-hd-film-france

Zebra Films is a professional HD laboratory company, specialized in securing and processing Height Definition filming formats.

Thanks to our experience on more than 200 movies, TV movies and series, we have developed tools enabling us to follow shootings throughout Europe. Movable and responsive, we are always closer to the film crew and so are able to report a technical problem on movie-camera or on your HD rushes. This proximity ensures that all along the filming, the whole shots will meet your expectations.

Green background, pip, project with FX … we are here to assist you, we have the opportunity to provide you the desired results, using specific tools, we are your partner on creating awesome effects.

Recently Zebra has also a new department, to produce documentaries and fictions. Thanks to our technical knowledge, and assisted by numerous artists, we have several projects completed and currently in progress.